Boston Biker was started in 1996 by Larry Cahill initially out of frustration when trying to find information on LOCAL rides, bike shows, paint shops, and all sorts of stuff like that. It was very easy to find information on the internet but poker rides in California or airbrush artists in Montana were not what he was looking for.  Like many folks that have a special interest, he began collecting information (from brochures at motorcycle events to scribbled notes on scraps of paper) about motorcycle activities and motorcycle related businesses.  It wasn't long before the  format of the site began to take shape.  At this point the website was still intended solely as a way to to share this information with a few friends.  You know the story, they told a few friends, and those folks told a few friends.  As the website grew in popularity the readers started sharing their knowledge and then the site really began to grow.   It wasn't long before Boston Biker grew into a full blown business.   Why?   Because nobody had done this before.  There was a huge need for this.

As New England's leading provider of motorcycle news and information, Boston Biker & New England Biker, continues to add content from all over New England.  This is a place for all of us to share information. The categories on the home page are also dynamic. If there is a category you think we should add, let us know.   





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